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@ White Pine Wilderness Academy
841 W. 53rd Street

Indianapolis, IN 


Join us for an outdoor concert under the open sky, backdropped by a bonfire. Stay for the after-party in the yurt, where DJ Dicky Foxxx will be powering the dance floor with  soul, funk, reggae and hip-hop. 
Stay tuned for ticket information!

Until March 13, you can join the Kickstarter campaign to help release the album!  Pre-order your copy on CD, vinyl or digital, and choose from other awesome awards!



'Winded, Spirited, Stranded' is a collaborative project between myself (Sarah Grain) and producer/musician/engineer Chip Reardin, who is the main recording engineer at Airtime Studios in Bloomington, Indiana.  Chip is an old friend and kindred spirit, and also a master instrumentalist, composer, arranger and producer.  He once told me that if this body of work has a theme, it is patience.  We began recording the first tracks for this album on a blustery fall day in 2006.  We did not finish recording it until 2018!  Over those 12 years, the project was put away on the shelf and then dusted off again many times.  Babies were born, loved ones died, bodies were broken, hearts broken, and new projects (and bands!) begun.  We were distracted again and again from its completion but, ultimately, it was all in perfect time.  


These recordings were always ahead of their time.  Chip heard complexity in the songs and in my voice even when I brought him just the skeleton of an idea.  And through it all, the music remained relevant.  Having developed my unique, sophisticated musical sound with the Billions of Stars over the past five years, I have grown as an artist and human in ways that allow me to finally live up to the depths of these recordings, and Chip coached me as a vocalist to my fullest potential.  The album is robust, sultry, funky and complex.  I love it, and know you will too!  We also had some extremely talented musical guests appear on the album, including bassist Nate Brenner (long before his days creating with The Tune-Yards) and Dena El Saffar of Salaam, a highly regarded Bloomington-based band that mixes traditional and original Middle Eastern music.  I can't wait to share this music with you!